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N£ws Programs

Gives your icons, "Fire Effects" with movement,
you can set the color, speed and even write in your desktop
or draw whatever you want!
Try it, does not consume resources and you'll like it!

Le da a tus iconos, un "Efecto de Fuego" con movimiento,
puedes configurar el color, la velocidad e incluso escribir
en tu escritorio lo que quieras o dibujar! Pruebalo,
no consume recursos y te va a gustar!

Author -->


New effects when "Starting"
your icons and folders.

Nuevos efectos al momento de "Iniciar"
sus iconos y carpetas.


More Effects -->

With Shock Desktop you can customize
and manage desktop icons in various ways,
doing as they are placed on opposite sides
of the window, forming a geometric or other shapes.
Furthermore, Shock Desktop includes an option
to show or hide all icons quickly.

Con Shock Desktop puedes personalizar y ordenar
los iconos del escritorio de distintas maneras,
haciendo que se coloquen a distintos lados de la ventana,
que formen una figura geométrica u otras formas.
Además, Shock Desktop incluye una opción que permite
mostrar y ocultar todos los iconos de forma rápida.

Seven Remix " XP " 2.3
Transformation Pack
Complete development of Windows 7
RTM appearance. It has many internal changes,
but now thanks to SR SymplyMod
it is easier to customize all the resources of
Seven Remix.

Use of this program involves replacing files and dll patch.
I am not responsible for any misuse of it.
If you are unsure of how to use it go to the website of the

Author -->

" The windows of your Desktop 3D "
Simply unzip the file and run the program,
from this moment all the windows will have
a new option next to the minimize button,
a kind of gray cube, when pressed,
sends the window to the nearest margin:
top, left, bottom or right, and displayed in perspective.

" Las ventanas de tu Escritorio en 3D "
Descomprime el archivo y ejecuta el programa,
desde este instante todas las ventanas tendrán
una nueva opción al lado del botón de minimizar,
un cubo gris que, al pulsarlo, mandará la ventana
al margen más cercano: superior, izquierdo,
inferior o derecho, y la mostrará en perspectiva.


In DeskSpace , using the key combination
"Ctrl + Shift and arrow keys",
you'll go from one virtual desktop to another,
because each cube face contains a separate desktop 3D.
Even you can also zoom out or approach the 3D cube,

En DeskSpace , usando la combinación de teclas
"Ctrl + Shift y las teclas de dirección",
pasarás de un Escritorio virtual a otro,
ya que cada cara del cubo 3D
contiene un Escritorio independiente.
Incluso también podrás alejarte o acercarte al cubo 3D,


Author -->


Kludget Engine
The particularity of Kludget Engine
is that it allows use of Dashboard widgets
for Mac OS X on Windows.
As simple as opening the widget with Kludget
and it will be installed on our desktop.
With Engine Kludget can move the widgets
on our own and place where it best suits us.
In addition, each is configured separately.

La particularidad de Kludget Motor
es que permite el uso de widgets del Dashboard
para Mac OS X en Windows.

Author -->


Your Post It on the desktop, to remember each event
in a practical way. Not Installs.
English - Spanish and more languages on the
Web, along with several skins.

Tus Post It en el escritorio, para recordar cada evento
de manera práctica. No se Instala Ingles - Español
Y Más Lenguajes en la Web, junto a varios skins.



Author -->

Skins -->

Languages -->

Rainbow Folders
Rainbow Folders " no installation " and need not be running.
Simply load it, do color changes you want and go.
For if you regret the change can easily restore the original color.


Is a small desktop enhancing application
that catches windows that you minimize and puts
a thumbnail of the main application window
on your desktop.



Author -->

Another Desktop

It is an application that maintains a list of your favorite funds,
allowing them to be configured to change the desktop to spend
a certain number of minutes, hours or days,
in a corresponding manner, or randomly.
Includes installation in a wide variety of 120 funds,
grouped into categories, but you can import any image
in BMP, PNG or JPG, ZIP or even any 7-ZIP containing such images.


"Excellently rated" look at the votes here

Author -->


GT Ripple

Ripples your desktop wallpaper making
water pictures come alive.
You can even put a lake into a picture
hat has no water by using the mirror option!

Author -->

CD Art Display

CD Art Display is a free desktop program that shows
the current song cover in a customizable skin.

Author --> Carlos

Skins -->


Visual editor, to make
it easy to create your own logons
can then be uploaded to websites,
to be
used by others users.

Author -->

6 Logon Screen
By Chris

By Ahmed - boss019

Another 7 Pack Transformation


Vienna Navigator

Seven Remix XP 2.1
Transformation Pack

Use of this program involves replacing files and dll patch.
I am not responsible for any misuse of it.
If you are unsure of how to use it go to the website of the

Author -->


ViStart dramatically decreases the time taken to search
for programs by indexing your program shortcuts.
Then you can simply type part of the program
into the start menu and ViStart will "instantly" find it.

Author --> Lee Soft


ViGlance groups windows relative to their process.
Each open application reserves its own space on the bar.
Windows relative to that application are then grouped
as children of that application on the bar.
This keeps the taskbar clean and better organised
into a more logical grouping system.

Author --> Lee Soft


Often when we are browsing a folder with a lot of files,
we commonly want to find one file or folder specificaly.
With the quickfind feature in ViSplore,
you can simply begin typing the file or folder
you are looking for and ViSplore will highlight it.

--> Lee Soft

Windows Paper Xp

If you are a maniac of customization,
here's a tool that you will like it.
With it you can put the photo you like
in the background of a particular folder
and also change the font color for the files
you will not be lost amid the imagen.
Choice the folder you want to customize
the photo chosen and the appropriate font color
The changes can be undone from the program itself.


Visual ToolTip

Simply run Visual Tooltip.
Instantly and without having to configure anything,
show thumbnails of all windows minimized on your toolbar.
From your choices, you can set the thumbnail size,
the color of the windows folders, the update time,
the color of marking and the effect of deployment.



Watch --> here


During installation required
meteorological data for the modules.


DesKtop Icon Toy V3.3 Full

With this Program cool simple tool you can even
organize and arrange all your desktop
icons into simple rows to the right,
along the top or place them anywhere you.



--> here
Spanish --> here

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  2. Buenas amigo Gracias como siempre por su visita...
    De los Programitas uso Stablauncher,me es muy comoda, Tarda un poco la instalación pero vale la pena.Minimize,también me facilita el uso de mis ventanas. KMplayer es uno de los mejores. Musica, videos, peliculas. Etc. Todos estan probados en mi pc Obviamente. Es cierto que Rocket está algo apagado :( Y mi vida es Violeta :D Gracias Buena vida!


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