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Ðocks & Launch£rs

Xwindows Dock 2.03
developer api is constantly evolving.
Now you get only 2 functions that provide
very powerful, flexible api for your future
plugins simple maintaining graphical stuff,
notifications, indicators, menus, labels and badges.

API está en constante evolución.
Ahora sólo tienen 2 funciones
que se proporcionan muy potente,
API es flexible para sus plugins
simple mantenimiento de material gráfico,
notificaciones, indicadores,
etiquetas de los menús, y mas.


Xwindows Dock 2.02 BETA

Meet the completely new XWindows Dock

We are proud to release new updated version of XWindows Dock.It includes various new features, bug fixes, performance and stability improvements.

Remember that this is still a beta version.
That means some bugs, unimplemented functions etc.
So if you have issues or feature requests with this version,
feel free to ask us at XWindows Dock
discussion forum at Aqua-soft.org

7 Skins added by me, Authors Deviantart.

Iphone Skin


Xwindows Dock 5.6

Is the newest free Windows Vista and XP
program of the class Application Launcher
and Desktop Organizer. But it's not just another one:
The observation of the many dock programs
on the market, plus all functions you only dreamed
that your dock would offer! I would say thinner than other.



Watch --> here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oXiZyWobMw


Maverick Launcher


Watch MAVERICK My Video

Author --> http://www.skaro.net/maverick/




Watch PLINGME My Video

Author --> http://www.icon3d.com/


Slider Dock

Open your Programs in a Slider Dock.
Add Programs And Will Form a ring.
With the wheel of your mouse will
move so you open your aplications.

Abre tus Programas de una manera diferente,
A medida que se agreguen Programas o Carpetas,
se ira formando un anillo.
Puedes agrandar o achicar el circulo.
Y personalizar con algunas opciones de colores
que he agregado.


Watch SLIDER DOCK My Video

Author --> http://sliderdock.wikidot.com/




Author --> Eric Wong --> http://circledock.wikidot.com/


Executor Launcher

This is a multi purpose launcher and a more advanced,
customizable version of windows run.
A skinnable bar appears at the top of your screen,
you type in the first few characters of the program
that you're looking for, a list of potential choices appears.
The more you type, the shorter the list becomes.
Users can also scroll down the list to click on the item they want.

Este es un lanzador de usos múltiples y una versión
más avanzada y personalizable para ejecutar Windows.
Una barra personalizable en la parte superior de la pantalla,
que escribe en los primeros caracteres del programa que usted
está buscando, una lista de opciones posibles aparece.
Cuanto más escribes, más corta será la lista se vuelve.
Los usuarios también pueden desplazarse por la lista
para hacer clic en el tema que quieren.

Watch EXECUTOR My Video

Author --> http://executor.dk/


Desktop Organizer & Quick Launcher

Lets you take control over your desktop and organize
all your favorite and frequently used applications,
documents, files, folders and webpages into one or
more customizable multi-shelf cabinets that will keep them out
of sight but yet close at hand and ready to be launched.
(English Language)

Le permite tomar control sobre su escritorio y organizar
sus favoritos y aplicaciones de uso frecuente,
documentos, archivos, carpetas y páginas web en una
o varias multi-plataforma o gabinetes para mantenerlos fuera
de la vista, pero todavía a mano y listo para ser lanzado.
(El Programa esta en ingles pero es Fácil de usar)
Como cualquier dock.
Es Perfecta para dejar el escritorio vacio.



Author --> http://www.berokyo.com/win/en/index.html

Watch BEROKYO My First Video


MobyDock XD

MobyDock is also compatible with WL.Messenger
and various media players Winamp, Windows Media Player,
Sonique, iTunes you can control from the bar.
Also included is a screen capture utility.

MobyDock es además compatible con WL.Messenger
y con diversos reproductores multimedia Winamp,
Windows Media Player, Sonique, iTunes
que puedes controlar desde la barra.
También incluye una utilidad de captura de pantalla.
Es simple y Practica.


Just open the program window
using the key combination alt + spacebar
and start typing the name of that
you want to open: the browser, word processor,

Sólo tienes que abrir la ventana del programa
mediante la combinación de teclas alt + barra espaciadora
y empezar a escribir el nombre de aquello
que quieras abrir: el navegador, el procesador de texto,
la calculadora.


Stab Launcher

Dock personalize the appearance in many ways, by changing
colors, images, transparency, animations, and many other
options to make it blend in with your desktop.



"Listen your Music" From StabLauncher

Author --> http://stablauncher.com/


--> http://stablauncher.com/skins.htm

Appetizer Launch (Dock)

Organizing your shortcuts and folders into a convenient dock.
The app is open source, which means that it's free and will remain so.
It is entirely customizable and is available in multiple languages.



Author --> http://app.etizer.org/

http://www.mediafire.com/file/eznzwdqfwm3/Appetizer Launcher.rar

Gizmo Central 2.70

For those who do not know gizmo central bar
is an interesting and practical help to more quickly
find the programs that need to use the best style
Dock, with Skins, Change Icon (Format ico), and Format
As we see in the image below, the version is English
but is easy to use. It's fantastic. And Free!



RK Launcher 4

Rk Launcher The Dock of Leopard.
In Your XP or Vista...Another Dock Util



--> here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiHvICyhtvc&feature=related


Nexus Dock

Nexus is a complete dock has everything you need and more.
Including sounds, themes, and preferences you can adjust to our liking.
When you go to use... ask how could you live without it all this time?

Watch --> here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4ZvMZqqTdE


Vienna Dock

Customized complete with 9 different skins!
in which you can include your office applications,
MSN, programs of all types, etc..
This dock is useful for those who have many icons
on the desktop programs because now you can organize
in this stylish and different dock!




Y ' ZDock 8.3

Another Simple Dock Includes Icons of Pic.


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